When kids learn a word

*Little girl looks at shoes and points*
Little girl: Dora.
Mother: No honey, that’s “shoes”.
Little girl: Dora!
Mother in sing song voice: Nooo, “shooooes”.
Little girl looks up at her mother then back at shoes: Dora!
*and so it went for the entire length of my bus journey = 20minutes*
– Overheard in Toronto on the #133 Nielson bus

His Baby the Thief

*Man on cellphone talking in baby voice*
Man: Hello baby girl. How are you? Are you ok? You’re ok. Good. Let me talk to your Mummy.
Man continuing in normal voice: Hi honey. Everything alright?
Man cont’d: No, hold on-wait! Don’t put the baby through the window! That will make her become a thief!
– Overheard in Scarborough at […]

Music on the Go

*teens at the back of the bus blasting loud rap music*
Bus driver: Turn the music down.
Teen 1: What?
Bus driver: Turn that trash that you call music off right now.
Teen 2: Hey don’t diss the music, old man.
Bus driver: Turn that trash off.
Teen 1: Come on. What do YOU listen to? Mozart?
– Overheard in Toronto on […]