Dude in line for an exam: Etobicoke, yea its in ’sauga.
– Overheard in Toronto at Seneca College

…and that means?

Girl studying for exam: Hinduism, I’m gonna rape you up the ass.
– Overheard in Toronto at the University of Toronto (Scarborough)

Clear Priorities

Guy, yelling down College to another guy talking to a girl: Yo man, get off that b*tch and come get Burger King.
– Overheard in Toronto at College and Spadina

Baguette anyone?

Guy #1: What’s a European lapdance?
Guy #2: Maybe she holds a French bread while doing it.
– Overheard in Toronto at a Chip Shop

Life’s little pleasures

Crackhead: “I can’t wait to sh*t my pants!”
– Overheard in Toronto at College and Bathurst

Never mix business with…

Guy: You know, one day he said to me, “Cocaine is ruining our friendship.”
Girl: You used to do it together?
Guy: We used to sell it together.
– Overheard in Toronto at College and Spadina

Smugness will only get you so far

Girl, smugly: Your fly is open.
Guy, irritated: Good, less work for you.
– Overheard in Toronto on the TTC bus #196