Dad, is that you?

Very drunk man in his 30s, shabby clothes, holding beer can, approaches very well dressed executive type in early 60s - pinstriped suit, tie, white shirt, polished brogues, briefcase, silver hair.
Young man: SIR! You could be my Dad.
Executive: No, I don’t think so.
Young man (bows): Excuuuuse me, sir. I think you are my DAD. Just […]

Elderly Goths

20-somethings passing by a Goth Retro Night event: Let’s go check out the 40-year old goths!
– Overheard in Toronto

You’re on your own, kid

Couple arrive at a nightclub. The girl at the door asks for the cover charge but the guy is short on cash. The door lady summons a bouncer to take the guy to the green machine inside the club, instructing the girl to wait at the door with the another bouncer.
Bouncer to girl: He’s not […]

Once upon a time

Guy sitting on the Queen Car: I used to be retarded, but I’m okay now.
Guy sitting next to him: I used to be a werewolf….
– Overheard in Toronto on the Queen streetcar