1. What is the T Dot?
    The T Dot is slang for the city of Toronto, located in Ontario, Canada. On this site, we also use it to refer to the Greater Toronto Area.
  2. How do I submit a post?
    Just click the Submit a Post! link on the left navigation bar of this page. We also thoughtfully put the link on the top navigation bar of this page.
  3. How do I comment on a post?
    Click the title of the post to expand it so that you can add a comment in the comment form.
  4. How do I view or rate a post?
    Click the title of the post to view the ratings for a post. You can then add your own rating by clicking the stars. Remember, three stars is excellent.
  5. If I have any questions or suggestions, how do I send them to you?
    Email us at webmaster@overheardinthetdot.com.
  6. I would like my ad on your page. How do I contact you for details?
    Send an email to overheardinthetdot@gmail.com with the subject line “My Ad Inquiry”
  7. What do all those categories mean?
    We created the categories to help us organize the site better and also to make it easier for people to search for overheard conversation topics. Here’s what all those categories mean:

    • All Posts - This is the default category for all submissions. So if you forgot to select a category or just didn’t know which category to choose then your post will be categorized under this category.
    • Culture - Toronto, in our opinion, is the most diverse city. That equates to many many cultures. We know you’ve overheard conversations about different cultures or from others of different cultures than yourself, so go on and add them to this category.
    • Leisure - Leisure is any topic to do with travelling, sports, exercise and general relaxing…
    • People - People is our broad category that includes kids, family, parents, lawyers, bus drivers, in-laws, etc.
    • Work - We know you’ve overheard some funny stuff at work.